I am all excited to introduce myself to the world! I am T-Girl Angel! I am a spoken word artist who has a flair for the dramatic. I love poetry, writing, song creating, composing, storytelling and speaking my mind. I am unique in so many ways and I am a very sensitive soul with many reasons why I am now starting my life as a recording artist. I write and speak for those who can't. I represent causes near and dear to my heart. I am deeply affected by Autism as I have a son who is autistic and I am his biggest advocate. Another social issue near and dear to my heart is Transgender rights as I can most certainly relate as a male to female transgender woman. I recently started my transition towards womanhood in June 2012 at the age of 51. I am also very deeply affected by suicide having lost both my parents to suicide and I reflect upon those tragedies and promote suicide prevention and address the needs of those who are survivors of suicide. I write from my heart and I am influenced by my life experiences of marriage, raising an autistic child, working as a mechanical engineer and a CPA, living in denial for 51 years hiding my true self to the world and now exploring my artistic side as a dedicated artist. I welcome all of you and hope you get to enjoy what I am all about.

With Much Love

Emily Iannielli
of T-Girl Angel   

Stand tall 

Believe in yourself and never let anyone steal away your dreams. You are here for a reason that may not always be known to you but that should never deter you from going out there and living your life with passion and hope! You must seize opportunity and find what it is that excites you and brings you out of yourself to share with others. We all question our existence and what it is we are meant to do with our lives. Sometimes we fall into bad ways sinking into deep depression and that's when we must fight and realize that we're not alone! There are people out there who truly care and we must rely on their good will in providing us support and love. If we never let others into our lives we will never know what true love and care is all about. Life is filled with many choices and we know that we may not always know which direction to go. We also must realize that we may face struggle in our life and that is normal but it's how we react to it that's most important. We must never feel that our lives have gone so far from our control that we can't take ownership once again. We are alive as long as we are breathing and our heart beats and we must realize although we can never be perfect and have everything work according to plan that we should still hold on to our dreams and fight for our lives and always
Stand tall

Emily Iannielli​
of T-girl Angel​

Touch someone 

I was very reflective as I was out doing my thing today
I was dressed so beautifully in my white dress and my black Mary Jane shoes
I was just being me
I do consider myself happy go lucky
I am now exploring things I truly love
I am no longer living in conflict
I am now free and much happier
I am the girl I always knew I was meant to be
I am dressing in beautiful outfits
I am beaming and reveling in my true femininity
I am now expressing myself in a medium I never thought I could
I now am 'making waves'
I now am 'rustling feathers'
I now am 'living the dream'
I feel the need to express myself in
My writings
My recordings
My social media
I am not well known
I'm just living my life on the fringes
No one is taking notice
It seems my wishes to make a go of my dreams in getting my message out as a spoken word artist are rather dismal
If I don't have an audience then how can I ever truly make an impact
I feel sad that I am not recognized because I feel I need to be heard
I want others to know what it's like
To feel different
To feel hated
To feel depressed
To feel suicidal
To feel hopeless
I also want to have an audience to reach so I can also show them through my writings and recordings what it's like
To feel self acceptance
To rise above the self hatred
To put bullies in their place
To realize it's ok to be different
To know that there is hope
I know I've gone through a great deal and that is what inspires me to write and express myself through my voice and my spoken word readings
I just wish there was someone out there who could appreciate what I do and take me serious enough to listen and learn and understand that life can be frustrating but that we all are wonderful no matter what and if I can get that point across to someone who feels sad or depressed then I am happy. I want to be heard and I want to find my audience who can appreciate what I do. I don't want to go to my grave never being able to truly
Touch someone

Emily Iannielli​
of T-girl Angel​


It emanates from within me
It beckons me to share a part of myself I usually find difficult to do
It allows me to separate and distance myself from all that troubles me
It is very helpful to self reflect
To open up
To share a part of myself that can be helpful not only to myself but to someone who may be going through a similar situation
I feel it is a calling for me to write
To be guided by my emotions
My thoughts
My feelings
I generally find that self reflection is very helpful and a necessity that I'm glad I am able to do
It is a way for me to express my pain
My sorrows
I can also reflect on positive experiences as well
Opening up and expressing yourself is very important
I feel by going deep within your soul that it can certainly help someone get through difficult times
I think that's a wonderful thing to express yourself
In general self reflection and writing is helpful in nourishing the soul
It is something that has helped me through some very difficult times
It is what guides me
It is what burns within me in expressing my true self
It is something I must do
It is all the result of my

Emily Iannielli​
of T-Girl Angel

T-Girl Angel's introduction 

This is a dream come true for me ever since early childhood. I have always been influenced by music since my mom would sing lullabies to me at night. My first impression of music was the sound of my mother's beautiful voice as she would sing me to sleep. She had a way of always making me feel loved and safe. She had a love of music and was very instrumental in influencing me as I would grow and appreciate the music of the time,  I became a follower of the music she listened to which was popular in the 1960's including The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Peter Paul and Mary, The Mamas & the Papas, Bob Dylan to name a few. I remember my mom would listen to records on the turntable and we also had the radio. There was no such thing as iTunes or Youtube back then so when you heard a song you liked the only way you could listen to it again and again was if you had the album but you had to be very careful not to scratch them as it was a bit tricky to replay a song. Now I have 5 decades behind me and have been influenced by a great deal of music and I would have to say that the music my mother introduced me to still resonates deeply within my soul and has inspired me to open up and express myself through my writings as a spoken word artist who writes with a message in mind.  

Emily Iannielli
of T-Girl Angel

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