Self reflection on Anne Frank's life

Self reflection on Anne Frank's life 
I have come to see many things in my life 
Some wonderful and some very difficult and sad 
We are all shaped by our families and our surroundings 
It would be wonderful if life could be perfect but there is no such thing 
I have learned through seeing my parents raise me 
I try to model after them in many ways and I also try to understand what led to their emotional pain 
What caused them both to get sick and lose their sense of hope in their life 
Sometimes I also feel myself slipping into that sense of hopelessness as if I have lost control of my life 
It's hard to picture our life sometimes and truly understand the meaning of our very existence 
I try to stand proud and strong as the woman that I am but deep down inside of me is a 13 year old girl who hides from the world 
My biggest hero in my life growing up and forever in my heart is Anne Frank, the beautiful teenage Jewish girl who dreamed one day of going to Hollywood to become an actress 
The young girl who's life was extinguished by the horrors of what is considered the worst side of humanity imaginable 
The life that still shines through her precious diary that's read the world over 
You may ask me why I feel such a bond to this beautiful girl I only met through her words, her writings, her pictures and learning of her tragic fate 
I was very touched by her story and her courage knowing how she was forced to live in seclusion for over two years with her family in a friend's hideout called the Annex where Otto Frank, her father, once had a business on the lower level in their homeland 
I cried when I read her story knowing she had so many dreams that were unfulfilled 
That her shining light was extinguished far too soon 
She was truly a joy and an angel who's life was tragically cut short as well as her sister, Margot and her mom, Edith  in the concentration camps after they were discovered by the SS. 
I truly could never know what it was like for Anne and her family living that kind of existence hiding out just to attempt survival 
Her childhood stolen away from her 
She was singled out because of her religion and hated for it 
Although my being transgender can't ever be compared to Anne's plight I did feel growing up that I had to hide from others, kind of living in my own form of seclusion fearing that if people found out about me I would be the subject of verbal abuse and banished from the norms while being singled out for being different. I read Anne's diary when I was the age she was when she went into hiding with her family at age 13. I was 13 as that was the age she had to say goodbye to all the beauties of life. She lived in tiny quarters where she shared her bedroom and that was where she would write when she was allowed to have use of lighting as it had to be allocated and used for everyone in hiding's benefit 
She dreamed of one day having a boyfriend 
She dreamed of one day riding her bicycle outside again on the narrow streets of her countryside 
She dreamed of running around the streets and attending her school once again but sadly that was not to be as poor Anne would die of starvation and harsh living conditions in the concentration camp where she was taken after the family's hiding out place was discovered by the German soldiers 
Anne's life would never be told as she would not have the chance to grow into adulthood and have a family of her own and live out her dreams but the gift of her diary is truly very special and very precious. I sense deep loss in her dying so young and so tragically only weeks before liberation of her country. She was so close yet so far from surviving. It truly is a shame and every time I read her story or watch it played out on the screen I always shed tears in her memory. Anne Frank's life has truly affected my life profoundly in so many ways. 
Her life has profoundly affected the world and despite all she went through in the end she was quoted in her diary as saying "Despite everything I believe that people are really good at heart". 
Anne Frank 
I am a better person because of Anne's courage and that is my 
Self reflection on Anne Frank's life 

Emily Iannielli​ 
T-girl Angel​

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  • Rusty

    Rusty Babylon

    I love this piece. Her courage inspires me too.

    I love this piece. Her courage inspires me too.

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