Let's go Met's

Lets go Met's
I was just a kid watching baseball games with my mom
I never knew how much fun it would become rooting for a team
I guess you can call me a die hard fan
I still remember the first playoff game I watched with my mom and what year
It was 1969
Mets vs Baltimore Orioles
It was the first game of the World Series
My favorite pitcher of all time took the mound
Tom Seaver
It was a great match up
Tom Seaver vs Mike Cuellar
I remember the game as if it was yesterday
Gil Hodges was the manager who orchestrated the miracle team
They surged to catch and go ahead of the Cubs for the Division
They went from a hapless team with over 100 losses in a season to a powerhouse team with a 100 game winning season
They were the Amazin's
Game 1 didn't go as I wished as my team lost
My mom and I were disappointed but we stood by our team
The rest was history as the Met's captured the hearts of all
Winning the series in 5 games
It was an upset
The Met's were the world champions
That was my first taste of the New York Mets
It was quite exhilarating 
I've been a Met's fan all my life
Since that day in 1969 at the age of 8 to today
I remember the Met's losing in the 7th game of the 1973 world series against the Oakland A's
The Mets always seemed to make things interesting
They always had a flair for the dramatic
Then the season that captivated and pulled me in from day one with so many wonderful players 
Daryl Strawberry
Dwight Gooden
Keith Hernandez 
Gary Carter 
Tim Tueffel
Howard Johnson     
Mookie Wilson    
and many more
It seemed magical
The Met's certainly made things interesting
With their nail biting games
I was put through the ringer with the Met's incredible victory in Game 6 of the National League Division Series against the Houston Astros
The game that went to 16 innings
The Met's came back to tie in the ninth being behind 3-0
Then providing the drama winning it in the 16th
I still have the image of Jessie Orosco tossing his glove in the air upon their tremendous 7-6 victory in 16 innings
On to play Boston
The Met's were the team of destiny it seemed
Then the Red Sox came into the picture
It didn't seem to good for the Met's
Going down 2 games to none
Then as you feel there's no hope
The Met's come back soaring
Winning crucial games in Boston
Going back to Shea down three games to two
Then the incredible game 6
The game that defied your imagination
The game where you thought it was all over
Until that never die spirit shined through
The Met's looked like they were done
Down 5-3, two outs in the 10th
Then the unbelievable comeback
Gary Carter refused to be the last out
The feeling caught on
No Met wanted to be the last out
Then the incredible at bat with Mookie Wilson fighting off many pitches hitting many foul balls 
and then Bob Stanley's wild pitch scoring the tying run with Kevin Mitchell scoring 
The Met's were destined when you saw Mookie Wilson's "little roller" down the first base line scoring Ray Knight for the miraculous of all miraculous game wins!
That play never gets old for Met's fans
The Met's went on to win the World Series in Game 7 defeating the Boston Redsox
It was one of the best World Series in my opinion
The Met's went on to play the Yankees in 2000 in the Subway series losing in 5 games, 4 games to 1
Fast forward to 2015
Now my team is back having won against the Dodger's in the NLDS 3 games to 2
I'm celebrating the Met's second victory tonight against the Cubs taking a 2 game lead
I'm a die hard Met's fan
I always will be
Hoping for another World Series berth to cheer on the Met's
Let's go Mets!!!

Emily Iannielli​
of T-girl Angel​

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