Thanksgiving Podcast

We all have family and friends in our life who are our gift and our support system and without them we would be lost. No one should have to know what it's like to live alone
To feel unloved
Life is meant to be shared with others
We must also find what it is in our life that allows us to feel true emotion and to give of ourselves and to help others feel loved and appreciated
We should always come to acknowledge and be grateful for all that we have in our life
Life is not perfect but we know this
We realize it when we lose someone close to us
Our lives are impacted in ways that will test our inner strength and also contribute to our roller coaster ride predicated on our changing emotions
We all know what it's like to hurt
To feel sadness
To feel pain
It's part of life
We also will struggle with loneliness at times and depression
That is why it is so important that we learn to truly appreciate the good in our lives
We all have a lot to be grateful for
We all should know what it's like to love and to feel loved
It is so very important to feel a true bond
A connection
We all need each other
That is the truth
Life is many things
Let's come to enjoy the good that exists in our life and give thanks and as we celebrate with our family with a dinner with all the trimmings let's all be grateful and acknowledge the beautiful gift of

Emily Iannielli
of T-Girl Angel
  1. Thanksgiving

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