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Well first let me address the audience and let me share my appreciation that you all came here
to be together to recognize the sad and tragic truth that once again the transgender community
has been hit hard in so many ways. We as a group of people still are seeking to be recognized
in many life situations and circumstances and allowed to be able to live our lives free of the fear
that we may encounter as a result of misinformation, discrimination, hate, violence. When will
we stop hearing of yet another transgender girl being murdered for just trying to be her authentic
self. Why can't people realize that transgender people are just trying to live their lives as they
always felt they should. When will it be safe where anyone who truly identifies as transgender
can liberate themselves so they can find the inner peace and happiness they are seeking to be
true to who they are. Transgender people come from all walks of life. There is no hard rule in
who is prone to being transgender. It just is a part of everyday life. People must realize that we
can not help the way we feel. Most of us knew at an early age. For myself, personally I was
three years old when I knew I felt different but I didn't know anything about what it was that I
was experiencing other than just a deep feeling and connection that I was meant to be a girl. I
know that life can not always be explained and certain things are hard to grasp but that doesn't
mean that we as a community have to continue to be on alert because of the potential dangers
we may face in just trying to be who we are. I look across this room and I see all types of people
and I know you all have your own personal story which is very important because we all need to
be able to find what it is that we need to do in addressing our own experiences in being
transgender. When we come upon an article or hear of a sad and tragic end to a transgender
person's life it truly is heartbreaking because it isn't supposed to be this way. We all have our
own struggle. Each and everyone of us and I truly feel sad every time I read or hear of another
transgender person lost to ignorance and hatred fueled by prejudice and the failure to come to
accept someone for being different. We as a community have one of the highest attempted and
actually committed suicide rates that is alarming approaching and at last glance is nearing 45%
last I checked. We as a community are losing many transgender women to murder motivated by
hate and ignorance. Why is it so hard for anyone to understand that being transgender is a
legitimate medical issue and that anyone who identifies as such should be accepted and
embraced for who they are rather than belittled and judged harshly. I never felt comfortable
growing up and I lived in complete secrecy for nearly 5 decades in my life and I paid an
emotional price that I don't want our transgender youth to have to face. It is necessary that we
allow our youth in the community to find places where they can open up and have the support
they need because being transgender is a life long circumstance. If you look at the landscape
you will find many types of people who fit the classification of transgender identified. There is no
way to truly express the magnitude of pain we all feel as we see how many transgender people
we lost this year to murder and suicide. We try to celebrate the lives these people lived in their
pursuit of being true and happy. It's very unfortunate and heartbreaking they are no longer with
us and I offer all of you as a show of support to extend your hands to one another and as a form
of solidarity to our lost brothers and sisters. We must be strong to live our lives and take
strength in knowing that there is unity in numbers and as we are all joined together we will
always know in our heart that we all deserve to live our lives the way we feel we should in our
heart and you know something. There is nothing wrong with that. We are all fine and should
embrace our being transgender and now I ask you all to raise your hands as a sign that we all
will get through our struggle and find our way because that is what we all are seeking and
should never lose sight of. You may now release hands and now let us all bow our heads for a
moment in tribute to our dear departed. I love each and everyone of you and just wish to say I
am proud to be a part of this support group as it has really changed my life in so many ways and
has also saved me from my own hard fought struggles.
Thank you all for coming and thank you all for your
show of love and support in recognition of
Transgender Day of Remembrance.
I will now pass the stage to the next distinguished speaker

Emily Iannielli
of T-Girl Angel
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