Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel 
Little Johnny was trying to find something that would allow him to understand 
Truly understand 
What you ask 
It's all so very simple 
It seems this young boy felt lost 
He didn't know love 
He never felt love 
He just felt an emptiness inside of him that he couldn't explain 
He tried to express what was in his heart but it was very difficult for him to share his feelings 
He essentially was struggling in his young life 
He was troubled 
He didn't know what true friendship was 
He didn't know what it meant to have a loyal friend 
He had an idea in his mind what it would be like to have someone he could relate to but he never felt like he would ever truly experience the gift of friendship 
He kept himself busy by reading books 
He had a passion for reading 
By reading he never felt alone 
He was surrounded by his growing book collection that would take him on wonderful adventures 
He could escape his seemingly uneventful life and live in a fantasy world where everything was new and exciting to him 
He would spend hours in his room reading and once he was involved there was no breaking through to him 
He was in his own world 
He loves all kinds of books 
Especially books that take him on exciting far off adventures to lands where he finds himself traveling  the countryside of Europe and other wonderful places 
He never wanted to finish the wonderful stories 
He wanted them to last forever 
He never tired of reading 
It was his love 
His passion 
His journey to new lands 
He also liked to read books about well known people who he dreamed of being like 
He was so impressed by their life that he too wanted to experience fulfilling and amazing lives 
He has heroes 
Many in fact 
He was impressed by the life story of Leonardo DaVinci 
He admired and read the biographies of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Sir Isaac Newton 
He felt connected to all his books and to the stories and writings that jumped out from each 
There was one book that seemed a bit out of reach that he did not yet get a chance to read as he has read his books many times but this one book seemed to elude him and he wanted to finally find the time and opportunity to read it and he felt this was the best time to do so 
He had to position his chair to climb to the top of the bookcase as this was all by itself and still untouched by his hands 
He held it delicately and grabbed a small dust cloth to gently sweep over its outer surface 
He remembers it was a gift given to him by his teacher in his religion class and it was the only book he still had not yet read 
He marveled in it as it was a treasured gift 
He studied it and brought it close to him as he glanced over the title which read Christmas Angel 
He wondered what the significance of the title was as he remembered his teacher told him to read it when he felt it was the right time in his heart 
He felt that of anytime this most certainly was the best time to read this book that seemed to have an extraordinary appeal 
As he gently turned the first page he read of a special Angel that was appointed to spread the word of God 
To announce the coming of the messiah 
A child would be born in the city of David in the town of Bethlehem 
He would be born unto the virgin Mary and Joseph and would be the son of God 
As little Johnny read the first few pages he wondered of angels and if they truly existed and what it would be like to have his own Angel that would guide him and help him in his life 
He so desperately wanted to find a connection to this blessed child who's birth was foretold by this special Angel 
He read of the baby Jesus and how he was to become the messiah 
He read about how he became worldly and preached the teachings of God 
How he performed healing miracles healing the sick 
Johnny felt something truly wonderful as he read of the Christ child and how he grew to be a prophet and a messenger of God 
He learned that Jesus was also crucified on the cross for the atonement of all, died and was buried and came to resurrect 
Little Johnny felt very empowered as he read through the pages and learned of Jesus and his life and how truly special he was as he fell asleep on his bed with the book cradled close to his heart as the vision of something truly special appeared in front of his very own eyes 
He felt the presence of something truly special as he opened his eyes and saw a 
Christmas Angel 

Emily Iannielli 
T-Girl Angel

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