Champagne dreams

We all are in search of that special something but sometimes don't always know exactly what it is
All we know is that we want to find something that truly gives us purpose to our life. We want to find that special talent we have
That special quality that makes us who we are
We're all in search of that defining moment when we realize what we are destined to do with the rest of our lives
We may go our entire lives searching for it
It is not always evident but we must keep striving and never give up on what we search for
Life is predicated on highs and lows and we must be able to balance things out and always remain optimistic
We must always have that never say die attitude
We must always stay strong and believe in ourselves
It is very easy to give up but we know that should never be an excuse for us
We are far better than that
We all have desires
We all have passions
We all have ambition
Life is a very tenuous thing and we are the pilot of our destiny
We must never forget that
Life can be filled with challenge
Life can be filled with heartbreak
Life can be filled with sorrow
Life can be filled with pain
Life can be filled with struggle
Yes we all know that but we also must realize that life is also filled with joy
With celebration
With proud moments
With miraculous moments
With accomplishment
With fun and laughter
Life is like a seesaw on a kids playground
Filled with ups and downs
We must learn to brace ourselves for the downs and learn to appreciate the ups in our quest for our
Champagne dreams

Emily Iannielli‚Äč
of T-girl Angel‚Äč

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