The making of T-Girl Angel

Wow! You found my site! I am very delighted to introduce myself to you. My name is Emily Iannielli and I am T-Girl Angel. You are probably wondering how I came upon my unique name as an artist. It's actually very interesting as I was a very secretive young transgender youth which I carried into my adulthood. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York where I was born on January 18, 1961. I spent a good part of my youth in Brooklyn where I was coming into my own despite my shyness. I then moved with my family as a shy teenager of 13 in 1974 to the Long Island suburbs where my shyness and highly regarded secret remained. No one knew of my transgender situation including my parents as I never said a word. I grew up with good values instilled by my parents. I went to college studying Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech from 1982-1985 and then followed up with Accounting at Hofstra University from 1985-1986. I carried my transgender secret (identifying as female) all throughout my life. Despite the internal struggle I completed my education, married and became a father of an autistic son. We as a family still live in Long Island. 

Fast forward to 2012, the year I decided I could no longer carry my burden, my well regarded secret. I came out to my family, my employer and my friends. In so doing I lost my job, I lost contact with my siblings and many relatives, their choice and some who I thought were friends who sadly walked away.

Despite the toll emotionally I continued in my pursuit in transitioning from male to female. My identity is female and I am very happy living as a transgender woman. My artist name came to me in either a dream or a vision whereby my mom appeared with my dad in the background and she referred to me as "Emily", my transgender name and she said she always knew. I was so profoundly affected as she was very influential in my life and introduced me to music. In the aftermath of the dream I came to understand that my mother knew and accepted me as a transgender girl (T-girl) and she called me her precious angel and I knew I was destined to be "T-Girl Angel".

After losing my job and having a nervous breakdown and finding myself hospitalized several times and being approved for disability I started to draw inner strength from both my parents suicides, my job loss, my son's autism and being confined to home by writing. I had created a blog in the wake of my dad's tragic suicide where I wrote about my feelings dealing with the loss and in coping with my son's autism. My blog evolved in April 2009 following my dad's suicide which is called "A Father's Love, My Son and Autism and is still live on

My writings eventually would expand to Hubpages where I wrote on many topics and created capsules and many of my writings focused on music as I have been profoundly impacted by music in every way you can imagine. I became fans of artists on Reverbnation and became friends with some of them. I made a major purchase decision in May 2015 when I bought an iPhone and from that innocent purchase I became an artist creating my profile on Reverbnation as T-Girl Angel in addition to my personal account and became adept with Garageband and iTunes. I started recording and posting my work and then started exploring and when I came upon Tunecore I started to feature my recordings.

My debut release "Ideas" consists of 25 tracks, all spoken word with one electronica piece and features many heartfelt renditions of my life and stories that came to me in moments of inspiration. That digital album was released in early September 2015 and is distributed to iTunes, Googleplay and many other digital sites through Tunecore. Following that release in the same month of September 2015 are "Avant-Garde" consisting of 25 tracks that speak with pure emotion, "Random Thoughts", my most ambitious album consists of 101 tracks that will really have a profound affect on the listener in my honest opinion. I was inspired to create my albums as a suggestion of some fans on my mailing list on my artist website NumberOneMusic (N1M) when they indicated they were interested in my music and searched tirelessly on iTunes for T-Girl Angel. Their flattering comments planted the seed for me to go beyond what I knew and to start creating albums. I am truly grateful to them for their interest and for inspiring me to seek my dreams through spoken word and electronica.

I am now proud to announce the release of my 4th album titled "Eclectic" which consists of 22 electronica pieces and my 5th release titled "A new day" which consists of 101 spoken word pieces that I feel are extraordinary and profound. I will continue to record and write and look forward to sharing my labor of love with you, my fans. Please feel free to subscribe to my mailing list and e-mail me anytime. I certainly look forward to making new friends here.

With Love,

Emily Iannielli
of T-Girl Angel