I am all excited to introduce myself to the world! I am T-Girl Angel! I am a spoken word artist who has a flair for the dramatic. I love poetry, writing, song creating, composing, storytelling and speaking my mind. I am unique in so many ways and I am a very sensitive soul with many reasons why I am now starting my life as a recording artist. I write and speak for those who can't. I represent causes near and dear to my heart. I am deeply affected by Autism as I have a son who is autistic and I am his biggest advocate. Another social issue near and dear to my heart is Transgender rights as I can most certainly relate as a male to female transgender woman. I recently started my transition towards womanhood in June 2012 at the age of 51. I am also very deeply affected by suicide having lost both my parents to suicide and I reflect upon those tragedies and promote suicide prevention and address the needs of those who are survivors of suicide. I write from my heart and I am influenced by my life experiences of marriage, raising an autistic child, working as a mechanical engineer and a CPA, living in denial for 51 years hiding my true self to the world and now exploring my artistic side as a dedicated artist. I welcome all of you and hope you get to enjoy what I am all about.

With Much Love

Emily Iannielli
of T-Girl Angel   

Self reflection on Anne Frank's life 

Self reflection on Anne Frank's life 
I have come to see many things in my life 
Some wonderful and some very difficult and sad 
We are all shaped by our families and our surroundings 
It would be wonderful if life could be perfect but there is no such thing 
I have learned through seeing my parents raise me 
I try to model after them in many ways and I also try to understand what led to their emotional pain 
What caused them both to get sick and lose their sense of hope in their life 
Sometimes I also feel myself slipping into that sense of hopelessness as if I have lost control of my life 
It's hard to picture our life sometimes and truly understand the meaning of our very existence 
I try to stand proud and strong as the woman that I am but deep down inside of me is a 13 year old girl who hides from the world 
My biggest hero in my life growing up and forever in my heart is Anne Frank, the beautiful teenage Jewish girl who dreamed one day of going to Hollywood to become an actress 
The young girl who's life was extinguished by the horrors of what is considered the worst side of humanity imaginable 
The life that still shines through her precious diary that's read the world over 
You may ask me why I feel such a bond to this beautiful girl I only met through her words, her writings, her pictures and learning of her tragic fate 
I was very touched by her story and her courage knowing how she was forced to live in seclusion for over two years with her family in a friend's hideout called the Annex where Otto Frank, her father, once had a business on the lower level in their homeland 
I cried when I read her story knowing she had so many dreams that were unfulfilled 
That her shining light was extinguished far too soon 
She was truly a joy and an angel who's life was tragically cut short as well as her sister, Margot and her mom, Edith  in the concentration camps after they were discovered by the SS. 
I truly could never know what it was like for Anne and her family living that kind of existence hiding out just to attempt survival 
Her childhood stolen away from her 
She was singled out because of her religion and hated for it 
Although my being transgender can't ever be compared to Anne's plight I did feel growing up that I had to hide from others, kind of living in my own form of seclusion fearing that if people found out about me I would be the subject of verbal abuse and banished from the norms while being singled out for being different. I read Anne's diary when I was the age she was when she went into hiding with her family at age 13. I was 13 as that was the age she had to say goodbye to all the beauties of life. She lived in tiny quarters where she shared her bedroom and that was where she would write when she was allowed to have use of lighting as it had to be allocated and used for everyone in hiding's benefit 
She dreamed of one day having a boyfriend 
She dreamed of one day riding her bicycle outside again on the narrow streets of her countryside 
She dreamed of running around the streets and attending her school once again but sadly that was not to be as poor Anne would die of starvation and harsh living conditions in the concentration camp where she was taken after the family's hiding out place was discovered by the German soldiers 
Anne's life would never be told as she would not have the chance to grow into adulthood and have a family of her own and live out her dreams but the gift of her diary is truly very special and very precious. I sense deep loss in her dying so young and so tragically only weeks before liberation of her country. She was so close yet so far from surviving. It truly is a shame and every time I read her story or watch it played out on the screen I always shed tears in her memory. Anne Frank's life has truly affected my life profoundly in so many ways. 
Her life has profoundly affected the world and despite all she went through in the end she was quoted in her diary as saying "Despite everything I believe that people are really good at heart". 
Anne Frank 
I am a better person because of Anne's courage and that is my 
Self reflection on Anne Frank's life 

Emily Iannielli​ 
T-girl Angel​

Christmas Angel 

Christmas Angel 
Little Johnny was trying to find something that would allow him to understand 
Truly understand 
What you ask 
It's all so very simple 
It seems this young boy felt lost 
He didn't know love 
He never felt love 
He just felt an emptiness inside of him that he couldn't explain 
He tried to express what was in his heart but it was very difficult for him to share his feelings 
He essentially was struggling in his young life 
He was troubled 
He didn't know what true friendship was 
He didn't know what it meant to have a loyal friend 
He had an idea in his mind what it would be like to have someone he could relate to but he never felt like he would ever truly experience the gift of friendship 
He kept himself busy by reading books 
He had a passion for reading 
By reading he never felt alone 
He was surrounded by his growing book collection that would take him on wonderful adventures 
He could escape his seemingly uneventful life and live in a fantasy world where everything was new and exciting to him 
He would spend hours in his room reading and once he was involved there was no breaking through to him 
He was in his own world 
He loves all kinds of books 
Especially books that take him on exciting far off adventures to lands where he finds himself traveling  the countryside of Europe and other wonderful places 
He never wanted to finish the wonderful stories 
He wanted them to last forever 
He never tired of reading 
It was his love 
His passion 
His journey to new lands 
He also liked to read books about well known people who he dreamed of being like 
He was so impressed by their life that he too wanted to experience fulfilling and amazing lives 
He has heroes 
Many in fact 
He was impressed by the life story of Leonardo DaVinci 
He admired and read the biographies of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Sir Isaac Newton 
He felt connected to all his books and to the stories and writings that jumped out from each 
There was one book that seemed a bit out of reach that he did not yet get a chance to read as he has read his books many times but this one book seemed to elude him and he wanted to finally find the time and opportunity to read it and he felt this was the best time to do so 
He had to position his chair to climb to the top of the bookcase as this was all by itself and still untouched by his hands 
He held it delicately and grabbed a small dust cloth to gently sweep over its outer surface 
He remembers it was a gift given to him by his teacher in his religion class and it was the only book he still had not yet read 
He marveled in it as it was a treasured gift 
He studied it and brought it close to him as he glanced over the title which read Christmas Angel 
He wondered what the significance of the title was as he remembered his teacher told him to read it when he felt it was the right time in his heart 
He felt that of anytime this most certainly was the best time to read this book that seemed to have an extraordinary appeal 
As he gently turned the first page he read of a special Angel that was appointed to spread the word of God 
To announce the coming of the messiah 
A child would be born in the city of David in the town of Bethlehem 
He would be born unto the virgin Mary and Joseph and would be the son of God 
As little Johnny read the first few pages he wondered of angels and if they truly existed and what it would be like to have his own Angel that would guide him and help him in his life 
He so desperately wanted to find a connection to this blessed child who's birth was foretold by this special Angel 
He read of the baby Jesus and how he was to become the messiah 
He read about how he became worldly and preached the teachings of God 
How he performed healing miracles healing the sick 
Johnny felt something truly wonderful as he read of the Christ child and how he grew to be a prophet and a messenger of God 
He learned that Jesus was also crucified on the cross for the atonement of all, died and was buried and came to resurrect 
Little Johnny felt very empowered as he read through the pages and learned of Jesus and his life and how truly special he was as he fell asleep on his bed with the book cradled close to his heart as the vision of something truly special appeared in front of his very own eyes 
He felt the presence of something truly special as he opened his eyes and saw a 
Christmas Angel 

Emily Iannielli 
T-Girl Angel

You don't have to be a rocket scientist 

You don't have to be a rocket scientist 
We hear it all the time 
You know what I'm referring to 
I often wonder how the expression evolved and who coined this very esoteric phrase 
I sometimes wonder how to take it 
What is the proper context to which we should interpret it 
I guess it depends on the situation and how it is said 
I often wonder if it is an insult or just a way of saying it's not as difficult as we may make it out to be 
Sure it would be nice to understand the principles of jet and rocket propulsion 
The principles of physics that teach us about the forces of gravity and inertia and how they affect takeoff, the many stages of flight, re-entry and landing with regard to a rocket. 
There are so many factors that must be considered in the launching and successful return of a rocket, a shuttle, a space capsule or any flying device 
There are teams of scientists, engineers and physicists that work together in an organized setting whereby the flight and every aspect of the mission and the state of health of the astronauts are monitored by mission control 
Sometimes I wonder if our brain also has a similar system in which our every action is monitored and a response is made based on the stimuli present 
I believe our brains are only used to about 10% or less of what our true capability is 
I feel we don't give ourselves enough credit or we are afraid to take risks 
We fail miserably in math and science on the whole in our education system compared to Asia and Europe 
It is said that for most students they have a certain anxiety when it comes to pursuing math and science related ventures 
They just don't seem to feel comfortable and find it hard understanding theorems, theories, hypotheses, constructs interpretations and extrapolations of ideas and formulaic concepts 
Solving equations in x, y and z seems like an overwhelming task for most of us 
It doesn't take a rocket scientist or so it is said 
Understanding the concept of how rockets and rocket propellant work is for most a pie in the sky concept they never get to learn or ever truly understand 
It's not as complicated as you may be inclined to think as summarized in Newton's third law of motion 
Before discussing the third law we should already know the first two laws of Newtonian physics which were formulated by the great mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton in his writings in 1687 explaining his reasonings and scientific explanations of motion illustrated in his 3 laws as formulated 
1. The first law simply states that every object in a state of rest or uniform motion tends to remain at rest or in uniform motion unless an external force is exerted upon it which is the law of inertia 
2. The second law states the relationship between an object's mass, it's acceleration and the applied force is the second principle of motion simply stated as the vector sum of the external force expressed as F= ma where acceleration and force are vectors that determine direction and change in velocity which is a function of time and one of the major principles of dynamics 

Another term I will throw out to you is momentum which is the quantity of motion of a moving body measured as a product of its mass and its velocity 

Now we must come to the whole basis for what rocket science is all about 

Newton's third law of motion 
We must understand basic concepts within this third law which simply stated is as follows 

A rocket must have forces exerted in equal and opposite direction 
Thrust is the first concept 
A rocket's thrust is based on its ability to expel mass backwards in a high speed in its combustion chamber creating a very hot gas at high pressure 
resulting in a force propelling it forward which is identified as the mass flow rate of the propellant which upon takeoff is multiplied by the exhaust velocity which is illustrated in Newtonian physics and identified as Newton's third law of motion 
Thrust is the equal and opposite reaction that moves the rocket 
Yes there is an equation that determines the maximum velocity a rocket can attain in the absence of any external forces which primarily is a function of its mass ratio and its exhaust velocity 
Although this is all sketchy to me now I did learn such principles in my engineering physics classes and for the benefit of those who may one day venture into this fascinating field of rocket science the formula goes like this 
Rocket equation: Vf = Ve ln (Mo/Mf) 
Vf is final velocity or maximum change in velocity 
Ve is the effective exhaust velocity relative to the rocket 
Mo is initial total mass including propellant 
Mf is the final mass after propellant is burned or fully utilized 
Ln refers to the natural logarithm function 
This seems like a lot to understand but it can be simulated with a simple Estes rocket kit that you can gain an appreciation for as I did in my studies 
In summary a rocket is primarily affected by 
1. Thrust from the engine system to get it to lift off into space 
2. Gravity emanating from celestial bodies while on its course into space and back to earth 
3. Drag which are forces exerted on the rocket resulting from atmospheric conditions in its flight 
4. Lift which is the power needed to get the rocket propelled into space with its launching engines 
So now with this little lesson you don't have to feel out of place when someone says 

You don't have to be a rocket scientist 

Emily Iannielli​ 
T-girl Angel​

No boundaries  Podcast

Well first let me address the audience and let me share my appreciation that you all came here
to be together to recognize the sad and tragic truth that once again the transgender community
has been hit hard in so many ways. We as a group of people still are seeking to be recognized
in many life situations and circumstances and allowed to be able to live our lives free of the fear
that we may encounter as a result of misinformation, discrimination, hate, violence. When will
we stop hearing of yet another transgender girl being murdered for just trying to be her authentic
self. Why can't people realize that transgender people are just trying to live their lives as they
always felt they should. When will it be safe where anyone who truly identifies as transgender
can liberate themselves so they can find the inner peace and happiness they are seeking to be
true to who they are. Transgender people come from all walks of life. There is no hard rule in
who is prone to being transgender. It just is a part of everyday life. People must realize that we
can not help the way we feel. Most of us knew at an early age. For myself, personally I was
three years old when I knew I felt different but I didn't know anything about what it was that I
was experiencing other than just a deep feeling and connection that I was meant to be a girl. I
know that life can not always be explained and certain things are hard to grasp but that doesn't
mean that we as a community have to continue to be on alert because of the potential dangers
we may face in just trying to be who we are. I look across this room and I see all types of people
and I know you all have your own personal story which is very important because we all need to
be able to find what it is that we need to do in addressing our own experiences in being
transgender. When we come upon an article or hear of a sad and tragic end to a transgender
person's life it truly is heartbreaking because it isn't supposed to be this way. We all have our
own struggle. Each and everyone of us and I truly feel sad every time I read or hear of another
transgender person lost to ignorance and hatred fueled by prejudice and the failure to come to
accept someone for being different. We as a community have one of the highest attempted and
actually committed suicide rates that is alarming approaching and at last glance is nearing 45%
last I checked. We as a community are losing many transgender women to murder motivated by
hate and ignorance. Why is it so hard for anyone to understand that being transgender is a
legitimate medical issue and that anyone who identifies as such should be accepted and
embraced for who they are rather than belittled and judged harshly. I never felt comfortable
growing up and I lived in complete secrecy for nearly 5 decades in my life and I paid an
emotional price that I don't want our transgender youth to have to face. It is necessary that we
allow our youth in the community to find places where they can open up and have the support
they need because being transgender is a life long circumstance. If you look at the landscape
you will find many types of people who fit the classification of transgender identified. There is no
way to truly express the magnitude of pain we all feel as we see how many transgender people
we lost this year to murder and suicide. We try to celebrate the lives these people lived in their
pursuit of being true and happy. It's very unfortunate and heartbreaking they are no longer with
us and I offer all of you as a show of support to extend your hands to one another and as a form
of solidarity to our lost brothers and sisters. We must be strong to live our lives and take
strength in knowing that there is unity in numbers and as we are all joined together we will
always know in our heart that we all deserve to live our lives the way we feel we should in our
heart and you know something. There is nothing wrong with that. We are all fine and should
embrace our being transgender and now I ask you all to raise your hands as a sign that we all
will get through our struggle and find our way because that is what we all are seeking and
should never lose sight of. You may now release hands and now let us all bow our heads for a
moment in tribute to our dear departed. I love each and everyone of you and just wish to say I
am proud to be a part of this support group as it has really changed my life in so many ways and
has also saved me from my own hard fought struggles.
Thank you all for coming and thank you all for your
show of love and support in recognition of
Transgender Day of Remembrance.
I will now pass the stage to the next distinguished speaker

Emily Iannielli
of T-Girl Angel
  1. No boundaries

Thanksgiving  Podcast

We all have family and friends in our life who are our gift and our support system and without them we would be lost. No one should have to know what it's like to live alone
To feel unloved
Life is meant to be shared with others
We must also find what it is in our life that allows us to feel true emotion and to give of ourselves and to help others feel loved and appreciated
We should always come to acknowledge and be grateful for all that we have in our life
Life is not perfect but we know this
We realize it when we lose someone close to us
Our lives are impacted in ways that will test our inner strength and also contribute to our roller coaster ride predicated on our changing emotions
We all know what it's like to hurt
To feel sadness
To feel pain
It's part of life
We also will struggle with loneliness at times and depression
That is why it is so important that we learn to truly appreciate the good in our lives
We all have a lot to be grateful for
We all should know what it's like to love and to feel loved
It is so very important to feel a true bond
A connection
We all need each other
That is the truth
Life is many things
Let's come to enjoy the good that exists in our life and give thanks and as we celebrate with our family with a dinner with all the trimmings let's all be grateful and acknowledge the beautiful gift of

Emily Iannielli
of T-Girl Angel
  1. Thanksgiving


The joy in my heart is real now as I have always dreamed it to be
It was not always that way
There was a time my heart was longing for something that seemed out of reach
I didn't think it could ever be
It was constant
Those feelings that never seemed to go away
I was plagued with them day and night
Sometimes I questioned my very existence
How could I go forward
Knowing my pain
My desperation
My frustrations
My sadness
I never felt true to who I truly was
I always sought comfort in my minds image which was
My wish
My hope
My dream
Would it ever be possible
I always wondered
Never truly knowing what would become of my life
I was living in quiet desperation
About a life where I felt my true self
How I wished for this to be possible
How I dreamed it so much each and every day
Life was a constant reminder of my uncertainty
My uneasiness
My fear
My lack of passion
My struggling in my never ending quest to be me
I didn't know how to make it better
I was so lost emotionally
So detached
So hurt
So sad
I could not find my way
I felt lost
Without hope
Without the strength to fight
I felt incomplete
I felt betrayed
I felt all alone
I felt unsure of who I truly was
I knew what was in my heart
I also knew my painful reality
I thought long and hard about my life's dilemma
How could my life be the way I knew it should
How could I show my true colors
How could I let the world know what was within my heart
What was the authentic me
I really didn't know how to come to terms with my situation
I felt like I was always disconnected
My heart and soul singed in sorrow and pain
My dream seemingly out of reach
My prayers seemingly unanswered
My struggle ongoing
My life a never ending nightmare
I was not how I truly saw myself in my mind
My mind's image and my reality were far different
Then one day when I least expected it
My life seemed to take a dramatic turn
As I had a monumental decision ahead of me to make
It would impact my life in a major way
All that I was seemingly a memory
I took that fateful step
I felt in my heart that was the right thing to do
I went to bed knowing what my life was like
Then I awoke and realized something truly very special
I went from a caterpillar to a

Emily Iannielli​
of T-girl Angel​

Champagne dreams 

We all are in search of that special something but sometimes don't always know exactly what it is
All we know is that we want to find something that truly gives us purpose to our life. We want to find that special talent we have
That special quality that makes us who we are
We're all in search of that defining moment when we realize what we are destined to do with the rest of our lives
We may go our entire lives searching for it
It is not always evident but we must keep striving and never give up on what we search for
Life is predicated on highs and lows and we must be able to balance things out and always remain optimistic
We must always have that never say die attitude
We must always stay strong and believe in ourselves
It is very easy to give up but we know that should never be an excuse for us
We are far better than that
We all have desires
We all have passions
We all have ambition
Life is a very tenuous thing and we are the pilot of our destiny
We must never forget that
Life can be filled with challenge
Life can be filled with heartbreak
Life can be filled with sorrow
Life can be filled with pain
Life can be filled with struggle
Yes we all know that but we also must realize that life is also filled with joy
With celebration
With proud moments
With miraculous moments
With accomplishment
With fun and laughter
Life is like a seesaw on a kids playground
Filled with ups and downs
We must learn to brace ourselves for the downs and learn to appreciate the ups in our quest for our
Champagne dreams

Emily Iannielli​
of T-girl Angel​

Trying your best 

We all have good intentions and hope our lives will be shining examples for our children and those we love. We all wish to strive for perfection and to let the world know that we can do anything we set our mind to. No one should hold us back. We all are very special and our lives truly have meaning and purpose. We just have to believe that in our heart and never lose our sense of hope. We all know that life is very challenging and we will stumble along the way but we must realize that it's ok to fall. What is most important is that we get up and finish what we started. We may not always find the result to our satisfaction but if we know we tried our best then that is what truly matters. We must always hold on to hope and never give up. Life is beautiful and filled with so much opportunity and that is what we should always realize. Live your life and always remember that you are truly very special!! We all are very special!! Please remember this when things don't seem to be going your way. Don't lose heart ever!!

Emily Iannielli
of T-Girl Angel

Let's go Met's 

Lets go Met's
I was just a kid watching baseball games with my mom
I never knew how much fun it would become rooting for a team
I guess you can call me a die hard fan
I still remember the first playoff game I watched with my mom and what year
It was 1969
Mets vs Baltimore Orioles
It was the first game of the World Series
My favorite pitcher of all time took the mound
Tom Seaver
It was a great match up
Tom Seaver vs Mike Cuellar
I remember the game as if it was yesterday
Gil Hodges was the manager who orchestrated the miracle team
They surged to catch and go ahead of the Cubs for the Division
They went from a hapless team with over 100 losses in a season to a powerhouse team with a 100 game winning season
They were the Amazin's
Game 1 didn't go as I wished as my team lost
My mom and I were disappointed but we stood by our team
The rest was history as the Met's captured the hearts of all
Winning the series in 5 games
It was an upset
The Met's were the world champions
That was my first taste of the New York Mets
It was quite exhilarating 
I've been a Met's fan all my life
Since that day in 1969 at the age of 8 to today
I remember the Met's losing in the 7th game of the 1973 world series against the Oakland A's
The Mets always seemed to make things interesting
They always had a flair for the dramatic
Then the season that captivated and pulled me in from day one with so many wonderful players 
Daryl Strawberry
Dwight Gooden
Keith Hernandez 
Gary Carter 
Tim Tueffel
Howard Johnson     
Mookie Wilson    
and many more
It seemed magical
The Met's certainly made things interesting
With their nail biting games
I was put through the ringer with the Met's incredible victory in Game 6 of the National League Division Series against the Houston Astros
The game that went to 16 innings
The Met's came back to tie in the ninth being behind 3-0
Then providing the drama winning it in the 16th
I still have the image of Jessie Orosco tossing his glove in the air upon their tremendous 7-6 victory in 16 innings
On to play Boston
The Met's were the team of destiny it seemed
Then the Red Sox came into the picture
It didn't seem to good for the Met's
Going down 2 games to none
Then as you feel there's no hope
The Met's come back soaring
Winning crucial games in Boston
Going back to Shea down three games to two
Then the incredible game 6
The game that defied your imagination
The game where you thought it was all over
Until that never die spirit shined through
The Met's looked like they were done
Down 5-3, two outs in the 10th
Then the unbelievable comeback
Gary Carter refused to be the last out
The feeling caught on
No Met wanted to be the last out
Then the incredible at bat with Mookie Wilson fighting off many pitches hitting many foul balls 
and then Bob Stanley's wild pitch scoring the tying run with Kevin Mitchell scoring 
The Met's were destined when you saw Mookie Wilson's "little roller" down the first base line scoring Ray Knight for the miraculous of all miraculous game wins!
That play never gets old for Met's fans
The Met's went on to win the World Series in Game 7 defeating the Boston Redsox
It was one of the best World Series in my opinion
The Met's went on to play the Yankees in 2000 in the Subway series losing in 5 games, 4 games to 1
Fast forward to 2015
Now my team is back having won against the Dodger's in the NLDS 3 games to 2
I'm celebrating the Met's second victory tonight against the Cubs taking a 2 game lead
I'm a die hard Met's fan
I always will be
Hoping for another World Series berth to cheer on the Met's
Let's go Mets!!!

Emily Iannielli​
of T-girl Angel​

Let go 

Oh I find myself thinking, wondering how come I am the way I am
I didn't ask to be this way
I just am
No one understands what my life is like aside from my friends I met in support group
To be honest they are truly my only friends
I had a past
I sometimes can't escape it
I try to find some semblance of normalcy to my life
It's never easy feeling different
What am I supposed to do
Pretend like it doesn't hurt
Put on a brave face
Hide behind my fears
My tears of sorrow
I lived in pain for so long
You would never know the pain I carry in my heart
How could you
You don't know me
The real me
The essence of my being
My very soul
I've cried many tears
I pretended to be someone I just couldn't be anymore
It was all pretend
No one saw the pain behind my smile
No one knew what was in my heart
No one knew the real me
I lived in perpetual secrecy
My world was me and me alone
I had no friends
I was afraid to make friends
I lived in fear
Fear of what you ask
Fear of being found out
Fear of being beaten up
Fear of being hurt so bad by others by their words, their actions
Fear of being killed
For trying to be my true self
No the risk was far to great
I couldn't tell a soul
I had to just live in total denial
Never telling a soul
I had to make believe my whole life
My life was a sham
Pure make believe
I could only be my true self in hiding
I had to live with guilt
Self loathing
Not my choice
You don't know the hell I've been through
You never will
Only I know it
I can't truly discuss it because it hurts too damn much
I cry everyday
Life sucks when you are different
When no one understands you
You can't get back the lost years
The years you wished there was something you could do to help get past the loneliness
The isolation
The depression
The feelings of wanting to commit suicide
It was the worst time of my life
I had to put up a charade
I had to pretend everything was peachy-keen
The reality was that it was misery
I can't begin to tell you how many days I suffered in my quest to be normal
What the hell does normal mean
I don't have a clue
Do you?
What does normal mean to you?
That all boys are boys?
That all girls are girls?
Isn't it possible that a boy truly feels they were meant to be a girl?
Why is that so hard to comprehend
I get it
Because that is what I am
I am a girl
But not in the eyes of society
So what if I have a male anatomy
That's not what's in my heart
I don't care what society thinks
I don't care what you think
I don't care what my sisters think
I don't care what anyone thinks
For all I care if they don't accept me for who I am they can go jump in a lake
I mean it
I'm fed up already
I'm fed up with the ignorance
I'm fed up with the news of yet another beautiful transgender girl brutally murdered
For what?
For being her true self
I hate the world for its ignorance
I hate society too for its intolerance
I hate anyone who crosses my path and spits at me for being my trueself
I won't stand for it anymore
I'm tired of hiding
I'm tired of pretending
I'm tired of living a lie
I'm tired of running away
It's finally time I be my true self
I am a woman
A transgender woman
It's finally time I
Let go

Emily Iannielli​
of T-girl Angel​

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